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Type Approval Indonesia

Why you have to know about type approval?

Gerat questions: the answer is type approval certificate is one of requirement or could be the firs gate before entry in indonesia's market especialist for telecommunication or it product.

I am working at Dimulti organization in Jakarta Indonesia. Most people called us type approval Indonesia.

“Type Approval Indonesia” is your solution for obtaining in Indonesia type approval certification.

Document requirement

To start with the project, please prepare these certain documents:
  1. Copy of agency, sole agent or distributor agreement from manufacturer (For sole agent or distributor only)
  2. Power of Attorney
  3. Form PM.4 and PM.5
  4. Technical specification
  5. Operational manual
  6. Foreign test report (optional)
  7. Required 2 units for a Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) category while non CPE required 1 unit.
  8. 50% Down Payment
Should you have further enquiries regarding to Type Approval or our services, please do not hesitate to e-mail hari@narmadi.com our staff.